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On Campus Interviewing

It’s post-Expo and we are in full swing with interviews on campus! We talk a lot about tips for interviewing: what to wear, questions to ask, but we also need to discuss another topic: the ethics of interviewing on campus.

  1. An interview is a business commitment; once you apply and are granted an interview, it is expected that you will attend.
    It is our policy that, if you are a no-show for an interview, you will be suspended from the BRIDGE immediately.
  2. The Career Development Center does not advocate missing classes for interviews and we recommend that you do your best to avoid doing so.
  3. Once you accept a position verbally or in writing, you must honor this commitment – backing out of an accepted offer is considered highly unethical in all industries, and very likely will haunt your professional reputation.

Here are some tips for interviewing:

  1. Always wear a suit. If you don’t have a suit, invest in one – you will need it again. If that isn’t an option, ask a friend to borrow one or stop by the CDC and meet with a counselor to figure out some options.
  2. Always research the company website and program, as well as industry current events. We have a lot of useful resources to help you do this including the Vault, the BRIDGE, and LinkedIn.
  3. Always portray enthusiasm and interest for the company and the industry. If you are not interested in the company or the industry perhaps you should be looking at different career options – make an appointment and we can help!
  4. Always, always bring questions to ask your interviewer.
  5. Prepare your answers to the frequently asked interview questions – You can Google these, stop by the CDC for handouts, or, better yet, make an appointment for a mock interview!  The key is to PRACTICE your best answers… it will pay off!

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As always, we encourage you to visit or contact the Career Development Center for assistance and/or advice during any step of your search process – we are here to help!


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