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Um…Like…You Should Seriously Hire Me

When I was in graduate school I had to do a mock interview in front of my entire class. Then the class, as well as my Professor (who had 7 Masters and 2 Ph.D’s –no joke!) critiqued me. As horrifying as this sounds, it was every bit! But it was also amazingly helpful. I think I owe all the jobs I’ve gotten due to that class. While I was doing some research on Mock Interview tips I came across this great post on SUNY Cortland’s Career Services blog and had to share it. On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) starts February 7th, get ready with Mock Interviews.

We all know that the job market is pretty tough right now, but there is hope, and good jobs are still out there. However, you have to show yourself to be the best candidate for the job, and you must be able to show potential employers that you will be a valuable addition to their organization.

If you have perfected your resume and cover letter, you will hopefully be able to land an interview. The interview is the moment when your personality will shine through for better or worse.

We all have quirks in our communication styles, whether verbal or visual. But, with awareness and practice, you can minimize the quirks to maximize your chance at a good job.

The CDC offers a variety of mock interviews by appointment; including phone and video mock interviews, where you can participate in an interview and watch yourself on screen to begin to find areas of improvement in your interview skills.

Last year, SUNY Cortland Career Services intern Liz Wolff went through the video mock interview process. Watch and read about her experience, then call us at 570-577-1238 to set up a video mock interview of your own.

Video Mock Interview

Original content found on: Suny Cortland Careers in Motion posted on November 23, 2009 by Michele Baran

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