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Top 10 Job Interview Tips

from Career Online Blog! by Adil Syed

Interviews can be a harrying experience. You want the job, but the stress of having to answer questions correctly while making sure not to commit any behavioral mistakes can lead to a disaster. Here are the top 10 tips from Career Online Blog! to help you out…and remember you can also come into the CDC for mock interviews, which are a great way to accomplish the #1 tip.

Tip 1: Role Play

Prepare in advance for the questions you may be asked by the interviewer. Practice sounding natural while having your responses ready.

Tip 2: Be Specific

Know the job you want and communicate it. Don’t be tempted to interview for any open position. To be a good candidate for a job, you need to focus on that job.

Tip 3: Make Subtle Connections

If you’ve participated in community events or have taken extra courses that are relevant to a position, make the connection in your responses. There’s no need to blatantly point everything out. Be subtle. A simple, “When I used to help university student prepare for their statistics tests…” should suffice.

Tip 4: Keep Strengths Relevant To The Job

An invitation to describe your strengths should be met with an explanation of relevant skills. If you’re interviewing to become a shoe salesperson, mention your ability to read peoples’ faces to know where they are in the buying process.

Tip 5: Your Weakness Is Your Strength

Most weaknesses can be described as strengths. But, it requires finesse and practice. You can handle it in 2 ways. First, describe a weakness and explain how it was a learning experience for you. Second, describe a strength as a weakness.

Tip 6: If You Were Terminated, Say It

Don’t be afraid to divulge whether you were fired from another position. It’s likely going to be discovered anyway. Plus, many recruiters understand that terminations often happen to good employees.

Tip 7: Plan Your Objective

Communicate clearly about where you want to be in a few years. But, allow for the possibility of new opportunities becoming available in the company. You can mention wanting to firmly grasp all areas of the business to become a valuable senior project manager.

Tip 8: Make Eye Contact

Don’t avoid your interviewer’s eyes. Look at them directly.

Tip 9: Keep Your Opinions To Yourself

You may have the opportunity to share something in which you feel strongly. Keep it to yourself. If pressed for an opinion by the interviewer, fashion it to your pursuit of the position.

Tip 10: Listen

You’d be surprised by how many people can’t seem to stop talking during their interview. Stop and listen to the interviewer. They may be giving you signals of how to approach a question.

Getting the job you want requires interviewing well. Without preparation, it’s easy to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Take some time and practice. Keep the tips above in mind throughout the interview. If you do, you’ll stand a better chance of securing the job than most of your competition.

This article was written on behalf of Martin Ward Anderson who offers recruitment for Jobs in Finance and Accountancy Jobs.

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