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Something new, Something old (in a good way), Something borrowed, Something blue (and orange)

No, I’m not talking about wedding traditions. Sorry gentlemen but with Valentine’s day quickly approaching I think my mind just naturally wanders to these spots in my brain.

This is SOMETHING for everyone and I’m really excited to share it with you.

  • Something New: @BisonINCareers
  • Something Old (I mean this in a good way like wine and cheese): Alumni
  • Something Borrowed: This idea from the University of Pennsylvania, borrowed not stolen they know we are doing it.
  • Something Blue (and Orange): Well that is Alumni again 🙂

Now that I’ve distanced myself from the wedding analogy let me expand on the ideas above. I met with the Penn Career Services team and learned about this awesome idea and thought, since we have so many alumni who have indicated a willingness to offer career advice and help, let’s give it a try here.

The basic premise is that we will have a Twitter account (@BisonINCareers) that will feature sort of live information interview (twitterviewing?) featuring Bucknell alumni who will tweet about a day in their work life. The idea is to feature the various careers our alumni end up in and what it is like to work in these various industries.

Lewisburg may not be in the easiest of locations to bring all these folks to you (although we do try…make sure you check out our upcoming Alumni Panels!) so we thought this was a fun, interactive way to bring you (students) and alumni together that overcomes the geographic boundaries we are working within.

We will be posting bios of each alum here on the blog about a week ahead of each guest alumni Tweeter. And we understand that you can’t be on Twitter the whole time (we’d never want to encourage that while you’re in class) so after each one we’ll be posting the recap to Storify ( so the great advice lives on! I can’t even predict the chances of where this could lead in terms of great networking, learning and connection for you…all from your computer, iPhone, what-have-you. Let me just ask you one thing: how could you go wrong?

So there you have it, hope you’ll take advantage of this GREAT opportunity to ask alumni questions and dip your toes into the depths of the”real world” before having to take the plunge.

Follow: @BucknellCareer and @BisonINCareers (or just tune in when the topic or industry intrigues you)


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