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Volunteer Opportunities with an Alumna for Social Change

Winnie Okello '10, founder of

Are you looking for an interesting volunteer opportunity that brings together the technical and social aspects of  engineering? Winnie Okello ’10 is the founder of is looking for volunteers to help create social change by assisting with:

  • Social Media assistance
  • Website management
  • Research & Data analysis
  • Articles/blog write-ups
  • Other administrative tasks as needed

Learn more about these great opportunities with H.A.R.P, Africa Engineering News , and Cosmetic Science review here:

Schedules are flexible and volunteer roles can be conducted remotely while engaging with a passionate alumna who is a member of the Bucknell Engineering Alumni Association Board. Please contact if interested.

More Details:

H.A.R.P: Technology for Social Change 

Every great innovation comes from a place of seeing a need and then filling that need, that is  the story of how the Harassment & Assault Reporting Platform (H.AR.P) came to be.  Harassment and assault are global issues, and the quarantine has only worsened situations for  folks who were already enduring abusive situations -this is inclusive of global trends in domestic  abuse reports, underage pregnancy spikes in Kenya during the quarantine, as well as the  rampant police brutality that has sparked protests across America and around the globe. Kenya,  Rwanda, and Nigeria’s #EndSarsNow movement highlighted the impact of COVID-19 in the ongoing abuse of power by law enforcement officials. This global demand for the dismantling of  the oppressive policing systems has been long overdue, and all of us have a role to play in the  fight for a more equitable society.  

STEM sector professionals have a significant role in shaping the built environment as we  continually innovate to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our systems. H.A.R.P is a one-stop-shop reporting platform that aims to gather more contextual data, while increasing  education and awareness regarding harassment and assault related incidents world-wide. Although studies show that both men and women can be victims as well as perpetrators of  abuse, women are more likely to get harassed and assaulted while navigating society in both  public and private spaces. 

The anatomy of police brutality and the many abusive incidents that occur in public-spaces  typically involve; street harassment, transit harassment, workplace harassment, bullying, and  many other trauma-inducing experiences. Who can you rely on for accountability and  documentation of police misconduct when you do not trust the police to hold themselves  accountable? You HARPit

Platform users can submit a harassment/assault, or a police brutality related incident report  via the HARPit Buttons. These reports can be submitted by witnesses or survivors of these  events. H.A.R.P also has climate surveys that are intended to evaluate the overall sentiments  and trends regarding harassment/assault, as well as police brutality across the global  community. The ease-of-use and accessibility is a key feature that allows folks to submit reports  on the various forms of abuse from the comfort of their safe-spaces, or while navigating public  spaces. Users can HARPit from anywhere as long as they have internet access. Please take a  moment and complete the climate surveys? 

Technology has played a key role during this quarantine season given that in-person  interactions have been extremely limited for public safety. Your participation in this effort is  essential, because, while most people may assume abuse is strictly a social- issue, technology  plays a significant role in data collection and visualization, incident response and even after care-services such as mental health assistance. The next time you witness or experience  harassment or assault, be sure to HARP it, and be a part of the movement for a safer global  community. #HARPitNOW

If you’re interested in learning more about this topics, please contact H.A.R.P via the website.  We currently have volunteer opportunities that can work around your schedule as needed. We  look forward to hearing from you. 


One of the biggest challenges we face as engineers is conveying the technical data to non technical audiences. Our research and resulting products impact communities and policies outside of our respective engineering disciplines. One way to build that competency is by engaging in spaces that nurture this nexus of ideas. With that in mind, are you looking for an interesting volunteer opportunity that brings together the technical and social aspects of  engineering? Consider volunteering for the following media platforms: 

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