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Funded Undergraduate Research Opportunity

Wanted to share this opportunity we saw through the Message Center with inserted students – undergraduate research is a great way to gain experience and skills to add to your resume.

Are you looking for a multi-disciplinary research opportunity? Are you interested in engineering, education, and/or psychology? We are seeking an undergraduate research assistant on a funded National Science Foundation project that seeks to define and measure the trait of “engineering intuition.” No prior experience is necessary. This work aims to deepen understanding of how expertise is developed in the field of engineering, in particular how engineers navigate high-stakes decisions throughout their careers.

We expect roughly 8 hours a week of work, with competitive pay at approximately $11/hr with a possibility of summer work. Hours are fairly flexible but do include regular meetings with members of the research team, which spans multiple disciplines and institutions. Types of work involved include preparing study materials, conducting and transcribing interviews, coding interviews, and preparing summaries of results. The research assistant will also have the opportunity to publish and present their research.

For more information on the project or prior work, please see the public abstract or recent publication. Contact Prof. Miskioglu,, with questions or interest.

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