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NYC Theater & Dance Brunch

The Bucknell Theatre and Dance Department in conjunction with The Bucknell Professional Network and Career Development Center cordially invite alumni and students to a Theatre and Dance Networking Brunch. Alumni, Faculty and guest artists will share their career experiences, both while at Bucknell and after graduation, as well as learn from current students about the activities in which they are engaged.

Saturday, November 19th | Public House, 140 E. 41st Street
10 – 12 pm | RSVP on the Bridge  & Sign Form
Cost is $10, payable in the Career Development Center, includes brunch.


  • Welcoming Remarks and Introduction of Guest Artists: Anjalee Hutchinson, Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Networking Brunch (Industries/occupations will be represented at different tables).
  • Wrap up Remarks: Anjalee Hutchinson

See what alumni are coming to this program here (but don’t register – student registration is on the Bridge)


  1. RSVP on the Bridge
  2. Sign this Form
  3. Upload your resume onto the Bridge. The resume you have on the system will be downloaded Friday, November 11, 2016
  4. Bring $10 to CDC


  • Talk with your faculty
  • Come to CDC to have your resume reviewed during Quick Questions Monday – Friday 1:30 – 3:30
  • Research the companies the attendees work at (see the attendee list on
  • Job Knowledge: Research and gain a basic understanding of the role competencies & job responsibilities within the industry you are targeting.
  • Plan out what else you can do while in NYC like get matinee tickets to a show!

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