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Learn about Prestigious Scholarships and Undergraduate Research Funding

Did you know Bucknell has many awards granting $3,000-$4,000 plus on-campus housing for research during the summer? Come learn more about awards and scholarships available for undergraduate research and projects.

  • Are you interested in financial support for your research, project or creative endeavor?
  • Would you like to try for a scholarship acknowledging outstanding achievements as an undergrad?
  • Are you hoping for support for graduate work?

If so attend 1 of the 2 sessions being offered on Tuesday, October 17th (both in ELC 256)

  • Noon-1pm: lunch provided so please RSVP to
  • 5-6pm: light refreshments will be provided, no RSVP needed.

Here are some examples of scholarship available to juniors and sophomores:

  • Barry Goldwater: Recognizes extraordinary sophomores and juniors in the natural sciences, engineering, or mathematics who intend to pursue advanced research degrees, such as a Ph.D., in these fields (including medical research, but excluding the practice of medicine).
  • Beinecke Scholarship: Supports graduate education in the arts, humanities and social sciences for student with needs-based financial aid.
  • Boren Scholarship : Provides support to students interested in national security, viewed very broadly, who want to study abroad and acquire language skills in a place valuable to national security. In exchange, students agree to work for the federal government in national security areas, again viewed very broadly.
  • Harry S. Truman Scholarship: Provides college juniors who have demonstrated excellent leadership and who are committed to careers in public service (e.g. government, education, nonprofit or advocacy) support for graduate or professional school.
  • Udall Scholarship: For leadership, public service, and commitment to issues related to the environment, or for Native American with demonstrated leadership in issues of importance to Indian nations.

Applications open soon; some financial assistance supports projects during the year as well – come learn more about them!

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