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Senior Event: Bucknell Student-Alumni Virtual Networking Event

Senior Event: Bucknell Student-Alumni Virtual Networking Event
Tuesday, April 12 | Noon – 1 pm | Online

  • Join us for the first ever Bucknell student-alumni virtual networking event in mid-April!  Virtual networking enables you to speed-network no matter where you are in the world. Sign in from your room, the library or anywhere else with your computer, smartphone or tablet. This event is focused on seniors, all majors welcome!
  • Chats are text-based and timed, allowing you to make connections, exchange contact information, and end the hour with several new connections you didn’t have before. After the chats, add your new contacts to your network by connecting adding them to your LinkedIn network account or following up via email.
  • Utilizing the Brazen technology platform, use your lunch hour to meet with Bucknell alumni in a wide variety of fields and geographic locations all while on campus in Lewisburg!
  • Reserve your spot now – More info & to Register

Co-sponsored by Career Development and the Bucknell Professional Network

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