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Externship Preference Survey

The CDC offered several Externship information sessions during the spring semester where students were asked to
provide their location and industry preference. We have re-opened the Class of 2017 Preference Survey  from June 1 – 10 so if you did not complete this survey, this is your last chance to do so: Class of 2017 Preference Survey.

externshipspotlightA Bucknell externship consists of a short-term job shadowing experience (usually 1-2 days). Externship Hosts are Bucknell alumni, parents or friends of the University who are willing to bring students into their workplaces to observe and gain a better understanding of both what they do on a daily basis and the culture in which they work. The Externship Program provides interested sophomores with unpaid and noncredit, short-term shadowing experiences in a wide variety of career and industry areas throughout the country over winter or spring breaks. Students are matched with opportunities that they apply to through our office, but are responsible for all cost associated with the program. It is important to keep this in mind as you determine which opportunities you will apply for in the coming months.

The main goal of the program is to provide an experience that allows students to think about their studies in a broader sense of how their academics will relate to the larger world of work and a specific career field/industry. Students benefit from an early exposure to career and industry paths, allowing for future major, course and internship selection to be better informed. In addition, externships provide opportunities for networking with professionals, alumni, parents and other individuals.

Class of 2017 Preference Survey

Completion of the survey is not a requirement of the Externship application, nor does it guarantee an externship opportunity.

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