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Sophomore Externship Program

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to job shadow a professional – plan on participating in the EXTERNSHIP PROGRAM. Here’s the who, what, when, why, and how of it.

WHO can apply? The Class of 2016…that’s you Sophomores

WHAT is an externship? A short term (usually 2 day) career shadowing experience sponsored by a Bucknell alum, parent, or friend of the University.

WHEN do externships take place? Over a 2 day period during Winter Break (unless otherwise stated by sponsor or arranged due to student needs).

WHY should I apply? I’d like to answer your question with another question: Why wouldn’t you? The program provides students an opportunity to learn about a career area of their choice during winter break without the commitment of a full-time, summer-long internship, and with the guidance of a sponsor excited to be participating in the program!

HOW do I apply? 1) Attend a mandatory Orientation Session, 2) have your resume critiqued by the CDC, and 3) submit a resume and a cover letter through the BRIDGE (you may only be matched with 1 externship but can apply to six opportunities). The application deadline is Tuesday October 29th; read more on the application process.

Fall Orientation Sessions – all are 30 minutes each and will be held in the ELC Gallery Theatre (301) unless otherwise noted:

  • Sept 3 @ Noon
  • Sept 12 @ 5pm
  • Sept 19 @ Noon
  • Sept 25 @ Noon, Location TBA
  • Oct 8 @ Noon

Check out the Externship website for more information and read all about other students Externship Experiences on our Spotlight page!

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