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Short-Term Job Options by Katrina Hefele ’13

For those students that don’t know what they are doing this summer, don’t fret — Katrina Hefele ’13 has put together some short-term job options for you.

To begin with, there are still plenty of job and internship opportunities on the BRIDGE so make sure to check those out. If you don’t find anything that works for you, then you can think about the many short term job opportunities available. You can volunteer, work abroad, or work in the US doing meaningful work that you might not want to make your career, but you would like to spend a few months doing. Here are a few places that you can look for short term job opportunities.

Idealist has jobs, volunteer opportunities, internships, and resources to help find and secure the perfect opportunity. You can search for types of jobs, keywords, and location. Daily listings of jobs relevant to your interests can be emailed to you. It is a great way to connect with your favorite organizations.

Backdoor Jobs or short-term job adventures….
Whether you want to work in the US or abroad, you can find a long list of exciting short term opportunities on this website. There are jobs in the great outdoors, or focus on the environment and education, jobs on the ranch, opportunities focusing on sustainable living, and many more.

Jobs to Careers allows you to refine your search to a specific city, then provides a list of short and long term job opportunities available there.

Transitions Abroad
Transitions Abroad has many opportunities for jobs abroad including: Au Pair, Farm jobs, student work, summer jobs, travel jobs, and teaching English abroad.

Take some time to do something meaningful and work with UNICEF. This section of their website focuses on the short term opportunities available, working and volunteering. If you want to make a difference in the lives of children, consider working with UNICEF before applying to a full time job.

Where ever you find yourself  and whatever you find yourself doing remember that the CDC offers Alumni Career Services(ACS) for us, free and forever! Besides being available for counseling, ACS also offers really great programs, networking opportunities, and webinars. And make sure you join the Linked Bucknell Alumni Group and keep your connection to the amazing Bucknellian network strong.


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