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Internship & Job Fair – Get ready now!

It’s not even your first full week of classes yet but we are getting right down to business here. Hopefully you’ve had a relaxing break and now it’s time to jump back into things – starting with the Internship & Job Fair on Tuesday, January 31st. The fair will be held in Davis Gym from 11-2:30 and we have several programs to help you get prepared:

1. Attend the Resume & Cover Letter workshop on Monday 1/23 at Noon in ELC 217 or at 5pm in Taylor 203.

2. Attend the prep sessions for the Internship & Job Fair on Wed 1/25 at Noon in ELC Gallery Theatre or Thurs 1/26 at 5pm in ELC Gallery Theatre. If you aren’t sure why you should attend let me tell you: you will learn what to expect at the fair, the most effective ways to connect with employers and get a list of the registered employers that includes what they are looking for and what they are offering.

3. Come to RESUMANIA to get the resume you made (or edited) on Monday critiqued one more time. Come by the CDC for walk-in Resume Reviews on Friday 1/27 from 10-4 or Mon 1/30 from 10-4 to get help putting those last-minute touches on your resume for the Internship & Job Fair on Tuesday 1/31 (yes, I am repeating myself).

Now on to what you can do to prepare on your own:

1. Research who is coming and identify the companies you want to speak with then…

2. Research those companies using the BRIDGE, LinkedIn, Twitter, Hoover’s, Google…any, all, more, others…
Hint for the BRIDGE: in the top right corner there is an “Employer” tab. Here you can search employers by name or by industry and you will find an overview, company website, see the jobs they may  have posted with us, and/or the contacts we have established in the company. This is HUGE!

3. Work on your elevator pitch and read up on some of our Networking Tips

4. Get that suit pressed! Not sure what to wear? Check out our tips on Pinterest for Men and Women

5.  Check out the tips in these videos from our CareerSpots channel:

Career Fair Success ©//
Download Quick Tips (PDF)

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Download Quick Tips (PDF)

6. Relax, smile and remember – these people are here to meet you! You’ll do great!

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