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Interview Questions for YOU to Ask

At the end of every interview they turn to you and say “Do you have any questions for us?” and if you answered “No,” it’s not the worst mistake but if you really want to wow them having a few questions is a great way to make a GREAT impression. Thinking of questions for the interviewer is hard though, especially when you have a lot of other stress, that’s why when I saw this post by youtern I wanted to share it.

So here it is…interview questions YOU can ask (and help make a great impression)!


Interviews aren’t a one way street. They’re your opportunity to interview the interviewer as well, to see if the position and company are right for you.

Asking questions can demonstrate your interest, passion and intelligence for the position.  Questions also provide a great marketing opportunity, so you need to think about why you are asking the question (to seek or give information, clarification, testing?), what type of question to ask (closed, open, hypothetical?) and know the consequences of each (factual information, opening up discussion and potential questions back).

Here are some questions that are about checking the mutual ‘fit’ with an employer or job:

  • What is the best thing about working here?
  • What is the most challenging thing about working here/this role?
  • What are the prospects for (further) progression or internal mobility?
  • What is the predominant management or leadership style here?
  • How do people have a voice in your organization /this department?
  • How would you describe the organizational /departmental culture?
  • What excites you about the future here / in this department?

Questions about the job or role:

  • How will you support or invest in me so I can be at my best?
  • How much autonomy/responsibility/accountability will I have?
  • What support is there for dealing with difficulties?
  • If I got the job, where would you expect to see me in ‘X’ year’s time?
  • What is the question you want me to ask right now?

About the Author: David Shindler is a professional trainer and career coach, and is the author of Learning to Leap, A Guide to Being More Employable. David has a long career as a Coach, Consultant and Facilitator. Learn more about David on his Linkedin profile.

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