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Harvard Business School Info Session with Pam Ralston ’96

Thinking about an MBA?  Join Pam Ralston ’96, Associate Director, MBA Admissions, Harvard Business School, for an information session describing the options offered by Harvard Business School – our 2+2 Program for juniors, and our deferred admission program for seniors.

Thursday, October 21
Noon – 1 pm
Biology 101

Harvard Business School’s 2+2 Program (for juniors) combines two years of career development with an MBA. Many of our most promising students come to HBS without degrees related to business or economics. Instead, they may have studied science, engineering, or one of the liberal arts, then discovered business as a means for expressing leadership or realizing innovative ambitions.

Seniors interested in business may be considering the advantages of an HBS MBA as a foundation for personal and professional growth. If accepted, senior applicants have the option of postponing their matriculation to pursue one or two years of additional work experience. The Admissions Board may also prescribe deferred admission to college seniors whom we feel would benefit from and better contribute to the MBA Program after some full-time work experience.

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