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Externship Spotlight: Lisa Treidel, Education/Psychology

Class Year: 2012
Syosset, New York
Psychology and Biology
Campus Activities:
Theater, Cap and Dagger, Chi Omega
Eventually receive my doctorate in Psychology
Reading, doing puzzles, theater

Externship: Jericho Public School District, Jericho, NY
MaryAnn Colucci ’87

My Experience:

My experience shadowing MaryAnn Colucci was unbelievably enriching and enlightening every single minute of the day. MaryAnn is the school psychologist at the Cantiague School, one of the public elementary schools in Jericho, New York. I spent two days with MaryAnn, during which I became fully and seamless immersed into the field of school psychology. At the start of the externship I was simply filled with wonder and excitement to learn and experience what the day in the life of a school psychologist entails. By the end I had obtained a full understanding of the breadth of areas and situations faced by a school psychologist.

How did this externship help me make decisions about my future career?

School psychology has always been a field I was interested in since it incorporates my love of working with children and psychology. However, I was not really sure what the job entails. Thus, I was ecstatic to receive the opportunity to gain some hands on experience in the field and learn about a potential occupation. I learned that a school psychologist has many responsibilities including running social groups, testing students, classroom observations, attending team meetings, having individual meetings with students, and even completing paper work. It was particularly helpful and enlightening to hear how MaryAnn came to the field of school psychology and the educational path that she needed to take. Overall, I am so grateful to have been able to participate in this externship and will without a doubt, utilize the lessons I learned in my future.

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The deadline to apply to the Externship Program is Tuesday, October 26 by 11:59 p.m

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