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Externship Spotlight: Jennifer Langione, Technology

Externship Spotlight: Sense Networks

Class Year: 2012
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
English (Minors: Psychology and Spanish)
Campus Activities:
Kappa Alpha Theta, Fire & Ice, Hurricane Katrina Recovery Team, The Bucknellian, Bucknell Buddies, Intramural Basketball
In the future, I hope to work for an advertising or market research company or be a magazine editor.
Writing, playing basketball, reading, traveling, working out, hanging out with friends

Externship: Sense Networks, New York City, New York
Laura Skibiski ’02

My Experience:

My externship at Sense Networks was a rewarding and beneficial experience. I had the opportunity to brainstorm marketing and promotional ideas to use on the website for their upcoming product, CabSense. I presented my ideas to the development team and collaborated with them to expand and generate new ones. I was also assigned to write the company’s code of ethics to use in their employee handbook. My experience reiterated my interest in the field of network research and behavioral analysis. I am especially interested in this field because it utilizes the latest technology and I see tremendous growth potential for this company.

What questions did I ask my sponsor?

Some questions I asked my sponsor included: How and when did you decide you wanted a career with a high-tech startup company? What do you see in the future of your company and how will it grow? What is the most rewarding part of your job? What path did you take to get here and did you have any previous jobs? What kind of training is involved for your employees? What kinds of jobs are available in the psychology aspect of this business?

Other comments:

I strongly suggest the externship program for upcoming sophomores, especially for students who are undecided about potential careers. I would encourage students to use their externship experience to branch out and try something interesting and totally new. I intentionally approached this opportunity with an open mind and applied to companies that seemed intriguing but at the same time I was not sure if I could see myself working there; I hoped, of course, that this externship experience would prove me wrong and present new opportunities and career paths. In the end, my strategy proved to be very successful!

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The deadline to apply to the Externship Program is Tuesday, October 26 by 11:59 p.m

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