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Job Search Message in the Bottle

By: CareerAlley

I hope that someone gets my Message in a bottle” – Sting

Okay, so today I heard that Mattel is making a special dog collar for dogs that will allow them to use Twitter (unfortunately, I kid you not). And if you think I’ve gone totally bonkers, then you can take a look at this link and see the product first hand (Twitter for Dogs – Puppy Tweets). So by now you are probably wondering “okay, but what does this have to do with job search?”. Everything and nothing. So I got to thinking, if a dog can use Twitter, then there must be a whole load of Twitter accounts that are dedicated to job search and you know what, I’m right. Now I’m pretty sure that there are none dedicated to finding jobs for dogs, but there are quite a few for us humans. So today’s post is dedicated to job search via Twitter.

  • The Washington Post – The Washington Post has both a careers site (link is at the start of this paragraph) as well as a Twitter Account (Jobsonwashpost). You can follow them on Twitter and get tweets for jobs as they come up. Clicking on the url within any of the tweets will lead to the web page with details for that job.
  • Freelance Hub – Freelance Hub specializes in freelance jobs, which you can either do as your “main thing” or between jobs. They have a website (link is at the start of this paragraph) and a Twitter account as well (Freelancehub). Click on the url on any of the tweets to view the web page with the job details.
  • JobHits – Also with a website, JobHits’ website is a search engine that leads with a simple search and has a list of popular job searches. Their Twitter page (ITJobsTweet) lists jobs as they are posted with links to the details embedded in their tweets. As you might expect, this Twitter site focuses on IT jobs.
  • JobSearchLeads – Just as the name implies, JobSearchLeads provides leads to jobs and posts them. The link at the start of this page is their Twitter page. Their web page (, provides searches by state as well as specific jobs listed in the center of the page.
  • Job Concierge – Also with a website (link is to the left), their website is a search site with over 2 million jobs. Their Twitter site, JobConcierge, lists all types of jobs from all over the place.
  • The Jobs guy – The website provides resources for job search (link at the left) with lots of great information. The Twitter site, thejobsguy, provides links to all of the posts. But don’t forget to check some of the great lists on the right hand side of the page.
  • Leverage Twitter for Your Job Search – Just one more, this one with practical advice on using Twitter for job search. The article, posted on, provides insight into what Twitter can do for you, unique aspects and what to do first plus more. Definitely worth a read if you plan to leverage Twitter in your search.

Good luck in your search.

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