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Crackberry…errr…Blackberry Etiquette

This is a great article about Blackberry Etiquette that we wanted to share. Now I know it is written in a “business” point of view but these tips can be applied to internships, externships, summer jobs, the classroom various meetings you find yourself in as a student, and just when being a friend. So, how is your BlackBerry etiquette?

Trump tells how, during one Monday morning meeting, she put a shoebox marked “CrackBerries” on a side table in the conference room and collected everyone’s BlackBerries. “Our agenda was a full half hour ahead of schedule. People were more focused,” she says.

For planned meetings, use an out-of-office message on the device, letting the sender know that you will get back to them as soon as you can, suggests The Globe and Mail.

Keep it out of sight while driving, or use the silent option. And always excuse yourself to take your calls outside, says The Boston Globe.

Article by Cynthia Good in June 10th edition of The Little Pink Book

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