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Get Off Facebook and Get an Internship!

A lot of articles are now stating that employers are going to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets to search for viable talent. So, does that mean that all you have to do is set a status message that you’re looking for a job and then add your resume to your profile? NO! Believe it or not employers are not going to be banging down your door if you’re a passive job hunter like that.

Internships are still the way to go if you want to get noticed. Internships not only help you to gain relevant experience, but also allow you to network in an industry that may be otherwise impenetrable. Check out this article on MSNBC that talks about a student success who gained employment right out of college but it had nothing to do with social media. Actually, she never had social media accounts until after college!
The article does go on to mention how social media sites are still viable ways to job search because many people use that as a networking tool to find good candidates. This is one way to get inside the “hidden job market” and learn about jobs that aren’t otherwise posted. We usually recommend using LinkedIn and subscribing to some industry-specific groups. A lot of times the members of these groups will also post job openings!
The original post appeared on the IPFW Career Services Blog on Friday May 14

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