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Top Ten Reasons to work at the CDC

We know why it’s great to work in the CDC but do you? Hear from former CDC Interns on what they like about working in our office and apply to the open CDC Internships for 2017-2018 Academic Year  by February 24th!

Top Things About Working in the Career Development Center from our Past Interns:

  1. Food – There’s often a good chance to snack on some food from programs, employer info sessions, and on-campus interviews hosted by the CDC. 
  2. Learning so much about job searching, interview etiquette, resumes and cover letters.
  3. Being able to help out my peers who come into the office, meeting new people. Being informed, helping and sharing knowledge.
  4. The staff members, forming relationships with staff members (esp. specialist supervisor, other peers), making connections with the counselors, the peers.
  5. The Atmosphere – great place to hang out and do work.
  6. Improving time management (hello resume skill!)
  7. Learning about all the CDC events before they happen, knowing everything going on at CDC – and there is a lot
  8. Learning more about what graduates are doing, learning more about what Bucknell alums are doing and how many career options are out there.
  9. Inspiration to do career development “stuff” like gaining marketable skills and industry knowledge.
  10. Learning more about tools to apply for jobs. Learning about databases for own use (like the Bridge and the Alumni App).

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