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Firsts and Lasts

It’s your last day of classes at Bucknell. Ever. Can you believe it? We can’t either! But don’t despair…there is some good news on this day of lasts.

#1 is that you have access to career services for a lifetime (and free!) so if you still need some help, now or later in life, Bucknell will be there for you. Make sure you connect with the Linked Bucknell Alumni Group and bookmark the ACS (Alumni Career Services) website. Besides being available for counseling, ACS also offers really great programs, networking opportunities, and webinars.

#2 We are still here for you and open throughout finals. Whether you are still sending out resumes (which is totally fine! – a lot of industries don’t higher as early as others) or you are negotiating offers you can make an appointment with us during finals week or stop in for Quick Questions M-F, 1:30-3:30.

#3 You can always come back! Homecoming will be here before you know it. I swear. And there are plenty of opportunities to come back to help students out they way other young alumni came back to help you; consider coming back for Alumni Panels, attending Career Fairs (on the other side of the booth), doing a @BisonINCareers twitter take-over, hosting an externship! There are many ways to stay connected.

OK and there are some sad parts…I’m not going to lie….college is over. At least you have a lifetime of memories to get you through when things get tough in the “real world,” right?

I am not going to fill this whole posts with lasts…because at one end there is always a new beginning, right? There are many fun firsts that come with this day of lasts, like: your first real job, your first paycheck, your first apartment, your first 401(k) – OK clearly I’ve been in the working world too long if I list this as an exciting first…

With all these firsts comes new opportunities and new responsibilities, and honestly one of the biggest and hardest ones deals with finances; setting up and sticking to budgets is one of the hardest things for everyone which is why we wanted to highlight this great article from USA Today, “Life Stages: First job, first paycheck and first budget,” to help you out.

Remember your first day at Bucknell? I’m sure you watched your parents drive away with trepidation, anxiety, excitement and uncertainty. After graduation you will drive away with your parents with similar feelings and emotions but look how far those initial feelings took you and imagine how far you will go now…it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s new…and we’ll always be here for you!

Best of luck and don’t be a stranger!

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