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To Do: Update your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Now is the time to prepare for a different type of recruiting season and we recommend you take some time now, as classes are just beginning, to update your resume and LinkedIn and Handshake profiles.   

Whether you worked, interned, completed a course, volunteered, or learned/updated a skill(s) over the summer, you’ll want to make sure you update (or create) a memorable resume that highlights your skills, abilities and experience. 

Step 1: What is your story? and how will you communicate it to potential employers? 

Step 2: Use the following as a guide to update your resume by sections:


  • Update your GPA, and relevant courses
  • Include any summer programs/courses


  • Be sure to highlight transferable skills, and what impact you made through your experiences
  • Include relevant experiences from this summer
  • If you are adding experiences from last summer, potential employers may be interested in what you chose to do with your time when so many opportunities were cancelled or changed to remote*
  • Consider using terms like virtual or remote to accurately reflect your situation 


  • Highlight skills that relate to the positions you will be applying for
  • LinkedIn Learning coursework can be added to your LinkedIn profile, and mentioned on your resume.You can find Bucknell’s subscription to LinkedIn Learning in the Databases A-Z ( through the library.

LinkedIn profile checklist, update:

  • Profile Picture (only if you didn’t have a picture, or now have a more professional one)
  • Contact info, including your personalized LinkedIn URL
  • Headline. Are you using this prime real estate to your advantage? Don’t repeat the basics from your Education section, use keywords related to the industry and position you are seeking, or the skills you will bring to an organization
  • Open to Job Opportunities? Then the “Let Recruiters Know You’re Open to Opportunities” must be enabled in your Privacy > Job Seeking Preferences
  • About Section. Perfect location for your elevator pitch
  • Are you following companies, or individuals you respect and value?
  • Accomplishments and Volunteer Experiences

*Understanding that everyone was impacted by COVID-19 in different ways. If you weren’t directly impacted by COVID-19 and the loss or illness of a loved one, you should be prepared to discuss your routine and what you did during this time.

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