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Preparing for virtual interactions with employers

As Bucknell prepares to begin the Spring 2021 semester, the Center for Career Advancement continues to work with employers who are recruiting for interns and entry-level opportunities.  While we look forward to welcoming employers and recruiting teams back to campus in the future, we continue to embrace the virtual world of recruiting for Spring 2021. Whether you are connecting with employers through Handshake, Career Fairs, Meet & Greets, LinkedIn, or any other path, we have tips and recommendations as you prepare for these interactions.


  • Know your skills & experiences as they relate to an organization and/or position
  • Prepare 3-4 points about your interest, skills and experience as they relate to the opportunity/company to share during the interaction, as well as questions for the employer
  • Be aware of your body language and eye contact, and dress professionally
  • Business etiquette is also important. While you cannot shake hands, remember to be polite, attentive  and thank employers for the opportunity to meet and learn about their organization 


  • Test your technology, ideally 1-2 days before interview/interaction, download/update any software
  • Charge your device and have your charger available in case your battery level gets low


  • Background should be clutter and distraction free
  • Lighting – avoid lights behind as this will cast a shadow on your face
  • Raise your device to eye level to ensure you are making eye contact
  • Limit distractions: humans, pets, notes/papers and phone/computer notifications. If you need a quiet space on campus, follow the instructions here to reserve a private room

We posted this article over the summer on making a good impression during a virtual panel, and these tips hold true for most virtual employer interactions. Here are additional tips from Handshake

Once you complete your virtual interactions – it is important to also follow up.  Take these three steps soon after your interaction to show your continued interest and remain connected.

  1. Evaluate your interaction: Answer the following questions as you prepare for the next step
    • In what areas did you do well?  Where can you improve?  
    • What did you like?  Dislike?  
    • What else do you need to know to take next steps?  Do you need more practice? (If so, check out Big Interview on myBucknell and/or schedule a Mock Interview on Handshake)
  1. Write a Thank you note (or email while most people are working virtually), briefly address
    • Areas of strength
    • Any weak points that you weren’t able to address in the interaction
    • Express your continued interest in the company or position
    • Proofread before you send your message. Bcc: yourself for future reference. Send a separate note to each person you interacted with.
  1. Networking and show interest online
    • Connect on LinkedIn, and include a personalized message in your request referring to your recent interaction. 
    • Follow the employer on Handshake, LinkedIn and other social media channels if you haven’t already.

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