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McKenna Environmental Internship

Consider applying for McKenna Internship research support for the summer of 2020. Interns receive a $4000 stipend and may arrange a free (but taxable) residence hall room during the summer participation period. Successful applicants will be expected to engage in an independent research project of 10 weeks duration with the sponsorship of a faculty member. You must still be enrolled at Bucknell; graduating seniors are NOT eligible unless they have committed to attending graduate school at Bucknell.

Project proposals from a wide variety of disciplines will be considered for funding. Research efforts should fall under the general heading of environmental studies and should focus on the West Branch Susquehanna River Bio-region, although there is some flexibility with this latter criterion. You should contact potential advisors as soon as possible to discuss potential projects and begin proposal development. December meetings with faculty to learn about projects will prepare you to conduct a background literature review during winter recess and write and revise a research proposal prior to the deadline.

Learn more about the program and application process.

All application materials are due by Friday, February 7, 2020.

Students may apply to both the McKenna program and PUR or other Bucknell summer research programs, but may not receive funding from both.

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