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Industry Spotlight: Getting Started in Journalism Careers

by Caroline Guthrie, CDC Intern

Careers in Journalism can be at magazines, news shows, newspapers, and so much more. People interested in creative industries can be successful in journalism-related careers. Coming from a school like Bucknell, there are many ways to make the most of this liberal arts education without majoring in journalism.


  • The most important part of getting started and furthering your career in journalism is networking
  • Bucknellians LOVE to hear from other Bucknellians
    • Most people in the industry are extremely generous and willing to give you their time and advice
    • Take advantage of the few alumni from Bucknell who are now in journalism careers
  • Reach out via email to Bucknell alumni and ask for a 15-20 minute phone call
    • The CDC has many resources that detail the art of emailing
    • Bucknell Alumni can be found on LinkedIn & The Alumni App
  • Reach out to Bucknell professors who may have ties to the journalism industry

Trends in the Industry

  • Graduate school is an option. However, many journalists did not go to graduate school
    • Notable graduate schools include: American University, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, New York University, Northwestern University, Syracuse University, University of Wisconsin
  • Many people partake in Post-Graduate Programs at companies (such as the NBC Page Program)
  • It is important to realize that entry level jobs usually consist of night shifts and weekend hours… this is only temporary!
  • Many people in the journalism industry frequently change jobs in the first stages of their career
  • It can be difficult to to move your way up at one company, sometimes it’s better to always take the best opportunity, even if it means leaving a company
  • There are many different areas related to journalism. These include public relations, production, booking, on-air talent, writing, editing, and communications
  • Real experience is more valuable than anything else


Job Search Resources

Desired Majors in Journalism (specific to Bucknell)

  • English – Film/Media Studies
  • English – Creative Writing
  • English – Literary Studies
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • International Relations

Bucknell Journalism-Related Activities

  • The Bucknellian
  • Her Campus
  • Film & Writing Courses

Desired Skills

  • Writing
  • Video Editing
  • Film Production

Bucknellians in Journalism-Related Careers

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