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D.C. Company Spotlights

Are you looking for entry-level or internship positions within the Washington D.C. metro area? This week we will be highlighting three great companies recruiting for full time positions, all of which have Bucknell alumni working there as well.

  1. The Center for Water Security and Cooperation
  2. Lucid Perspectives
  3. The Fund for American Studies

The first company is a non-profit focused on legal services called The Center for Water Security and Cooperation. Located in the center of D.C. on Pennsylvania Ave, CWSC is dedicated to the advancement of water security and the impartial analysis and improvement of water law. This non-profit, which started in 2015, was co-founded by a Bucknell Alumna, Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari, and has other alumni working there as well. If you are interested in positions at CWSC, go to their website,, and check out the summer internship application as well as the opportunities for full time positions as well.

The next company is an Engineering and IT Consulting firm in Reston, VA called Lucid Perspectives. Lucid Perspectives offers consulting services to federal corporations and agencies in areas such as systems, software, and test engineering as well as cyber solutions. Like CWSC, one of the co-founders of Lucid Perspectives is also a Bucknell alumnus, Kevin Louie, who graduated in ‘99 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. There are currently multiple engineering positions posted on The Bridge looking specifically for electrical and computer engineers and scientists for entry-level positions. They are also welcoming applications from juniors for jobs after graduation due to the security clearance timeline. Be sure to check out their website as well as The Bridge in order to reach out to the Bucknell alumni who are currently working there.

Finally, The Fund for American Studies is a non-profit that’s goal is “to change the world by developing leaders for a free society.” This non-profit host many collegiate academic programs which incorporate internships, lectures, and conferences for participating students. There are numerous opportunities for internship placements including areas in journalism, comparative politics, business and government affairs, as well as international affairs and many others. Check out The Bridge for examples of some incredible opportunities and events that TFAS participants have gotten to attend in the past such as national press conferences and congressional briefings. Be sure to apply soon, however, as the deadline for the Summer 2019 program is March 12th.

If you are interested in exploring other opportunities or companies within the D.C. area for full time or internship positions, head to The Bridge and filter jobs and internships by location, selecting Washington D.C. Good luck!

Remember to check the Bridge for the internships highlighted in this blog and use the LinkedIn Bucknell Alumni section as well as the Bucknell Alumni App to connect with alumni at these companies (and/or many others!)


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