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Resume Workshops

Employer Expo is right around the corner and we already have 85 + companies signed up to attend the 9/25 career fair on-campus. Now is the time to get ready! Join us for Resume Workshops and make sure you are ready to go on Expo day.

Resume Workshops

  • Tuesday, Sept 4: 4pm, ELC Gallery Theatre (301)
  • Thursday, Sept 13: Noon, ELC Gallery Theatre (301)
  • Thursday, Sept 20: 4pm, ELC Gallery Theatre (301)

Don’t underestimate the power and importance of your resume; it could become the thing that sets you apart and gets you an interview. Whether you are just starting out and creating your 1st resume or need a refresher, you will benefit from this workshop and so will your documents! We’ll briefly review the basics, provide formatting tips, and discuss do’s and don’ts.

No sign up necessary just come!

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