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The official way to get unofficial transcripts

Sometimes job or internship applications ask for your unofficial transcripts. Here’s how to figure it out –

Current students may access their unofficial transcript through myBucknell and Banner Web. Follow these steps in order to convert your unofficial transcript into a pdf file:

  • Use Internet Explorer as your browser
  • Access your unofficial transcript through Banner Web – take off your ID number
  • Right click on your transcript
  • Select “Print”
  • Scroll to find Adobe PDF and select that as your printer.

Check to make sure the entire transcript was saved into the PDF. If not, copy the entire page and paste into a word doc and then create a PDF from that document.

Once all set you can then upload to the Bridge.


Official Transcripts:

All online orders for transcripts should be completed at Online transcript requests at this site require the use of a debit/credit card, and requests will NOT be processed until payment has been received.

More information on transcript request procedures can be found at

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