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Institute for Sustainable Technology & Public Policy Research Fellowships

Two great summer opportunities at Bucknell have early March deadlines that are quickly approaching and we wanted to highlight them.

  1. Institute for Sustainable Technology – Application Deadline March 2
    Applications for the Institute for Sustainable Technology Summer Program are now open! The program runs from May 15-June 9, 2017
    on Bucknell’s campus and is a research-based summer institute focusing on a variety of sustainable technologies  (e.g., solar, LEDs, anaerobic digestion, and efficiency audits).
    Students will receive:
    – Hands-on, team based experiences conducting sustainability feasibility studies in residential and commercial setting
    – Direction on creating a business-plan for an entrepreneurial startup
    – Engagement opportunities with business owners and scholars who work in sustainable technology
    – On campus housing and a stipend
    This program is open to 12 students across the university. To apply, submit a cover letter and resume in one PDF document to Moodle by searching for Institute for Sustainable Technologies SU2017; Application Deadline March 2. Contact Missy Gutkowski in Management for more information.
  2. Bucknell Institute for Public Policy Research Fellowships – Application Deadline March 3
    The BIPP research intern will engage in research with an individual faculty member on a research project for the equivalent of 8-12 weeks of full-time over the course of the summer. After an initial review of the application, potential research fellows will review a catalog of faculty public-policy relevant research projects, meet and discuss the project with several faculty members conducting those projects. Faculty and student researchers will be matched with one another based on the preferences of both. The nature of the research conducted by the student will vary depending on the project match. Students may be involved in all phases of the project. For example, activities might include the following or other tasks: literature searches and reviews and/or archival research, conducting & interviews or focus groups writing survey/interview questions analyzing data from secondary sources, and drafting of publications The project will be for an 8-12 week period, involving about 30 hours per week, depending on the needs of the project. You will also attend weekly workshops, present the research project at the Sigma Xi and/or the SVURS poster sessions and at at least one on campus event during the following academic year (Posters Plus or the Kalman Research Symposium, for example). At the end of the summer you will submit a self-assessment and summary of your summer experience for potential publication by the Institute for Public Policy. The fellowship award is $3000 and you qualify for on-campus housing with this fellowship opportunity.
    Application Requirements:
    – Students should submit a letter of interest, a copy of their Bucknell transcript, a writing sample, a resume and a letter of recommendation, preferably from a faculty member.
    – The letter of application should include a description of their interest in public policy related research.
    – Note: If the proposed project involves human or animal subjects, it is the student’s and faculty member’s responsibility to obtain any required IRB or IACUC approvals.
    – Submit proposals to Andrea Turner in Academic West 100, applications will be accepted electronically, as a submission to this google form; Application Deadline is March 3.

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