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Government & Non Profits: Unusual Hiring Cycles

General Timeline: December to May

When searching for jobs in government and nonprofits, the process is very different from other jobs in the arts and sciences. Many nonprofits post on their own websites and free job sites because of limited budgets while other larger organizations often post to websites such as Most people, however, working in nonprofits recommend early involvement with organizations if you know specifically where it is where you want to work because when openings become available, jobs are often offered to volunteers they have worked with before.

  • CDC Bonus Tip: We know it can be hard to take a volunteer position or work at a non-profit over the summer when you may need to earn some cash. That is why we have the Bucknell Public Interest Program (BPIP) Internship Fund. The BPIP Internship Fund offers up to $3,000 dollar stipend for those students who are able to secure an unpaid internship with an eligible non-profit organization. It can get complicated so info sessions are held throughout the year and the application process is competitive. The deadline to apply for BPIP is usually mid-March but you also need to have secured your internship to apply for the funding so don’t wait! Check the Bridge to see if any info sessions are schedule or stop by the CDC to get more information! 

Although there is no official timeline for hiring, many nonprofits assess their staffing and hiring needs at the end of their fiscal year. If you are interested in a specific organization, determine when their fiscal year ends by going to and referring to their Annual Reports. No all nonprofits follow the same patterns, however, and some tend to hire during the summer when employees who worked after graduation head to grad school and spots open up they need to fill. Do your research on companies you are interested in and you will have a better and faster chance of scoring a position with them!

A really great resource we found is: Nonprofit hiring practices – It is jam packed with great information for those interested in the non-profit sector.  Another good resource is B-Corps and of course LinkedIn!

  • CDC Bonus: Come hear Nicole Kennedy ’09, Director of Special Projects at City Year and others discuss how to get engaged with organizations that offer a new view of work. Organizations discussed will include Peace Corps, Senior Corps and more. 10/19, Noon, ELC Forum (272), Lunch Provided – RSVP on the Bridge.

For Government agencies jobs, recruiting cycles vary by agency, so it is important to research application deadlines throughout the year. is the main site that jobs are posted and what you use to apply for them. It recently got an overhaul with the hopes of making it easier to use. If you are interested in politics we recommend you attend an info session or come into the CDC to learn more about our Capitol Hill Internship Program.

  • CDC Bonus: We have an in-house expert on Federal hiring: Raj Thangavelu ’98 will  be on campus on 10/19 and 10/20 offering mock interviews and two workshops:
    1. One to share advice and tips on working at the Federal Housing Finance Agency and working/interning in a federal agency (in general) 10/19, 5:30 in ELC 217
    2. And another Federal Hiring and How To Use 10/20, Noon, ELC 241A (with FREE LUNCH!)
    3. Learn more and RSVP on the Bridge for these events.
  • CDC Bonus Tip: There is also an internship posted for the Federal Housing Finance Agency in Washington, D.C.-  Apply on the Bridge by November 18th , but if you apply before October 20th, you can interview with Raj on campus on that day!
  • CDC Bonus Tip: U.S. General Services Administration will be hosting an information session on-campus 10/25 at 7pm for you to learn more about their Emerging Leaders program
  • CDC Bonus: The DC Career Fair is  great opportunity to meet and networking with alumni working in various fields in and around the D.C area. Check the Bridge for forthcoming information.

If you are interested in any of these areas make sure you save the date for our  DC Career Fair usually held in mid-February with a chance for a great company site visit trip prior to the fair. 

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