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Slash Careers Alumni Panel Webinar

Slash Careers ImageWondering what a “slash” career is? Trying to figure out how you can balance portfolios by day and to profiteroles by night? Join us to hear from alumni who started a “regular” career then took a turn and  moved into career areas they are passionate about – in other words a “slash”.

Thursday, January 23rd | Noon | CDC 2nd Fl | Sign up by 1/22 on the BRIDGE

The following panelists will discuss the concept of a “slash career,” why you might consider one, and how to get started!

  • Caroline Abramo ’94: Principal, Pana Consulting/CFO, Ashram Chic/Instructor, Sivananda Yoga
  • Meredith Field ’04, ’11: Study Abroad Adviser, Bucknell University/Founder & Director of Cradle
  • Ben Portman ’07: Financial Adviser, Morgan Stanley/Supper Club Owner, Porkman’s Table

Slash careers apply to individuals who pursue multiple careers simultaneously  that are often completely unrelated. For example the lawyer/filmmaker, the investment banker/DJ, or the high school teach/food blogger. We’ll discuss how these panelists got their start in their careers, how they balance their time, the challenges of a slash career, and their advice for venturing down a new path!

Moderated by Leanne Aurich, Assistant Director of Alumni Career Services, Bucknell

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