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Public Service Week!

Starting the week of Oct. 31st we will be hosting our second annual Public Service Week, where we bring you lots of great panels, alumni talks, lunches and networking opportunities to learn more about the Public Service Sector. Be sure to check the BRIDGE for additional details and to sign up for events (lots of them have FREE FOOD and limited space so RSVPs are required)

Here’s what we have planned for you this year:

Tuesday, November 1
Lunch: Capitol Hill Internship Program
ELC 241, Noon
Past Capitol Hill interns will share their experiences with students who are interested in learning more about the Capitol Hill Internship Program (Stipend to intern on Capitol Hill; competitive application process)

Alumni Talk: Health Care Reform…Where Are We Now?
ELC Forum, 7:00 pm
A grunt on the front lines perspective, alumnus and parent Dr. David Janda ’80 P ’10,’13 will share his perspective on health care reform.
Refreshments served

Wednesday, November 2

Join alumni for a series of lunches discussing their specialties – sign up required on the BRIDGE by 10/31

  •  Marie Martinez ’00 – “Victim Advocacy in the Public Sector”
    ELC Arches Lounge, Noon
    Learn more about working with crime victims, human rights, and social change in government.
    Section Chief, Victim Assistance Program, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, DHS
  • George Ward ’88 – “Federal Government: a variety of jobs for lawyers”
    ELC 241, Noon
    Federal Government: a variety of jobs for lawyers…  JDs work across the government – from reviewing real estate contracts to advising Congress on legislation to litigation.  Come hear about the diverse work lawyers perform in support of government
    Chief, District Court Litigation Division, Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, DHS
  • Jesse Heatley ’99 – “Recent Crackdowns on Human Rights Defenders and Lawyers in China”
    ELC 302, Noon
    Federal Employee
  • Raj Thangavelu ’98 – “Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac…and the Public Sector”
    ELC 246, Noon
    Learn more about the impact of these financial entities on the US economy and mortgage market, along with related public policy implications, including education funding and access to technology.
    Financial Database Specialist, Federal Housing Finance Agency

Alumni Panel: “Paths to Public Service”
ELC Center Room, 5:30 pm
There are many different routes to a career in the public service sector.  Learn from alumni how their career paths led to public service at the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Congressional –Executive Commission on China, and the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Panelists are Jesse Heatley ’99, Marie Martinez ’00, Raj Thangavelu ’98 and George Ward ’88.
Refreshments served.

Thursday, November 3

Lunch:  BPIP Internship Fund
ELC 241, Noon
Past BPIP Internship Fund recipients will share information about their BPIP internships and how to apply to the BPIP Internship Fund (Get $3000 for full-time, unpaid internship with a nonprofit; competitive application process)

Peace Corps Panel
ELC Center Room, 5:30 pm
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers will share their experiences
Refreshments served

REMEMBER: check the BRIDGE for additional details and to sign up for events!

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