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GRE – Changes Coming in August, 2011

Learn about the changes to the GRE on the GRE web site. If you are planning to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) in preparation for applying to graduate or professional school, you can learn more about some upcoming changes to the examination on the GRE site.  Some of the changes will be to make the computerized testing experience “friendlier” and easier to use.  Some of the changes will be in the types of questions.  For example, there will no longer be antonyms and analogies, but more of a focus on reading with test completion, sentence equivalency,  and reading comprehension questions.  The math portion will still focus on basic math skills but will have more questions involving data interpretation and real-life scenarios.  You can more information on this page:

Which test to take and when? The changes to the test will take effect in August, 2011.  There will be a 50% discount offered to anyone who takes the revised test in August – September, however, the scores won’t be sent until November, 2011.  If you know you will need your scores before November, you should take the current GRE test before August, 2011.  Start by selecting which schools you’re most interested in, then find out when they need your scores. Different schools have different admissions deadlines, so knowing when your prospective schools need your scores is an important part of making the decision between the GRE General Test and the GRE revised General Test.

We know of some messages that are being sent from test preparation services that are saying the changes will make the test harder.  However, it is important to realize those messages are coming from for-profit companies that are interested in selling their services.  We recommend reading the information on the GRE site before drawing conclusions.

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