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University For Peace – Enroll Today!

The application process for the 2011 – 2012 academic year is now open!

UPEACE Masters Programs Include:

Why study at UPEACE?

We are the only university in the United Nations system authorized to offer academic degrees in the field of peace and conflict studies.

We embrace an innovative and inter-disciplinary approach to both the pedagogy and content of post-secondary learning. Our nine master’s programmes offer specialized, multi-disciplinary courses and our international faculty use engaging and participatory teaching models for classroom instruction.

We uphold a commitment to Human Rights in the design and delivery of all our academic activities. Concepts of Human Rights, whether universal and individual, are addressed extensively in our courses, projects, and community outreach.

We believe in the value and importance of Gender Mainstreaming. All programmes at UPEACE ensure that gender issues are not only addressed, but completely integrated into course content, objectives, and classroom instruction. Gender at UPEACE is concerned with men’s issues as well women’s.

The incredible diversity of our campus allows participants and faculty from all over the world to convene, collaborate, and collectively build a unique learning experience in a multicultural and intimate environment.

Finally, we also believe that distance learning, in addition to face-to-face teaching, is significant in order to ensure that the knowledge for peace is shared worldwide. As a result, the UPEACE faculty engages in developing teaching materials and online courses in collaboration with colleagues from other institutions worldwide as part of the Sharing Knowledge for Peace Programme. India, Nigeria, Zambia, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Egypt, and Canada are examples of countries where UPEACE faculty have been cooperating with counterparts in the development and implementation of peace-related academic programmes.

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