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Field Trip to World’s Leading Health Care Advertising Agency!

You are invited to spend 2 hours with the world’s leading health care advertising agency Cline Davis and Mann!

Join the Bucknell Media & Technology Network (BMTN) for a great field trip and networking opportunity with Cline Davis and Mann in New York City on March 1st.  Space is limited so claim your spot today by registering on the BRIDGE! (Hint: Go to BRIDGE, calendar, career center calendar, select March 1, click on field trip to see more information and sign up!)

Additional Information:

– Students attending the field trip are required to also attend the Communications and Arts Fair at MTV Studios from 5:30-7:30pm on March 1.  Sign up separately for the fair on the BRIDGE.

– Bus transportation for the field trip will leave the Bucknell stadium parking lot at 10 am on March 1 but you MUST stop by the CDC to reserve your spot on the bus

– Attendance at a field trip prep session will be required in order to attend the field trip – Date and time for prep session is TBA.

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