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Alumni Directory Access for Seniors

As a senior, you can have early access to the Alumni Directory on B-Link!  While all seniors will get automatic access to the directory in January 2011, any senior who completes the three steps below is able to get access now.  Think of what you can learn and the connections you can make this fall!

  1. Check out Seniors: Alumni Directory Use to learn about the Bucknell community and our suggestions for best ways to approach and build relationships with alumni.
  2. Take the online quiz (8 out of 10 is passing)–hint: answers can be found by doing Step #1
  3. Send a sample email ( and leave a sample voicemail (577-7437) once you complete the quiz–hint: some students have found these sample scripts helpful to get started

In about a week, you will be notified by our staff of your results. Pending your successful completion of the quiz and required steps, you will be granted access to the Alumni Directory in B-Link.

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