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Making a Career from Producing the Perfect Party

featuring Brianne Croteau
Assistant Director, Stewardship and Donor Relations Bucknell University
CEO & Lead Consultant
Croteau Creative Strategies

Wednesday, April 17 | Noon – 1 pm | AW 116 | Lunch is Provided | Walk-Ins Welcome

What does it take to create the perfect event? What kind of person is needed for the job?

Whether it’s a C-level business event, a sustainability-centric outdoor festival, a university campaign launch, a non-profit gala, or a targeted social experience – the role of the event producer takes many forms.

Often found under the Arts Entrepreneurship umbrella, event management is both an art form and a science. But even the most carefully prepared event can (and will!) go array and so strategic planning, crisis management, contract negotiation, compliance, and personnel management all play a part in the planner and producer role.

Come hear long-time event producer Brianne Croteau speak about her decade creating the top special events in Bucknell University history, what it takes to be a successful event producer, how to break into the various forms of event management, and best practices on how to deliver an impactful, memorable, and value-added event.

About the Speaker:

With over 15 years’ experience developing the strategic planning, production, and marketing of high-level special events, Brianne Croteau has a wealth of first-hand knowledge of how to connect, engage, and deliver value to an audience.

She has traveled across the country producing top-tier higher education, development, and campaign events, produced flagship non-profit fundraising galas and built key relationships, working with the top venues and vendors in all major U.S. cities and abroad.

Brianne’s events have won both industry- and peer-recognized awards and she is a frequent lecturer and conference speaker.

Most recently, Brianne guest lectured on sustainable entrepreneurship for the Bucknell University Freeman College of Management and presents on arts entrepreneurship, strategic planning, frugal innovation, and personal branding.

In addition to higher education, she works with the Milton Art Bank on NYC and PA-based cultural events and experimental performance showcases and will be co-founding and launching the first Milton Fringe Festival this fall.

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